Demonstrating The Facts About Saving Money On LED Lighting and Power Quality Issues

By Tom Ries, Founder/President, Innovative Facilities Solutions

Innovative Facilities Solutions attended the Ameren Illinois Energy Symposium last week. Innovative Facilities Solutions was one of the only companies at the Symposium talking about Power Quality issues. Trade show attendees had a good amount of interest in the Powerhouse system.

The only apprehension people have is the viability about our claims. We have hundreds of case studies proving the system over the years. In addition, companies are rolling out the Powerhouse system into more of their facilities!  Just because someone gave some bad advice to one of our prospects saying: “they don’t believe our claims”– just doesn’t cut it!

We are dealing with facts and figures from all of our real data, not guess work or opinion!  In addition to the Powerhouse, the EnOcean wireless controls were a big hit!  When we demonstrate this system, people love it. We did a short demo on how daylight harvesting works with the Orion light pipe. We had A LOT of interest on this system. The Orion light pipe always draws people in the booth, always!

The Linmore Rapid Link system  was received very well as an option over LED T8 tubes.  People loved the ease of installation of the Linmore RLB system, 7 year warranty, 100,000 hours life expectancy vs 50,000 hour on LED tubes, and dealing with no more lamp holders or ballasts!

Gary Klingele and I were one of the last ones to leave the Symposium because we still had prospects in our booth!  Most other vendors were already packed up and had left while we were still taking care of prospective customers!

As always, we’d be happy to show you a demonstration at your convenience. Contact us today to learn about the most advanced energy efficiency lighting and power conditioning/surge suppression systems.