Wireless controls are quickly becoming the choice for facility managers and building owners.  With IOT (Internet of Things) becoming a big part of our daily lives, wireless controls are a clear choice. Real time data is stored in the cloud via a gateway device allowing you to manage and monitor many different measures within a facility. The ease of installation of sensors, meters, and other devices makes these wireless control systems much more affordable than traditional Building Management Systems. You cannot manage what you can’t measure!

Innovative Facilities Solutions partners with Linmore LED and other wireless control vendors to provide you with a state-of-the art energy measurement system that creates a Building Automation and Information Platform.

By adding a wireless control system, you’ll receive the benefits of:

  • Additional energy savings for retrofits or new systems
  • Easy integration – even with existing building automation systems or new ones
  • Environmentally safe – even with historic buildings
  • Affordability due to the effective circuitry design offering a variety of wireless controls
  • Self-powered sensors and switches

Basic Wireless Controls

Self-powered switches, occupancy sensors, and daylight sensors deliver the type of lighting control we find most facilities want:

  • Provide wireless wall switches for lights by zone so facilities can stop using circuit breaker panels as switches and/or put switches where they are more useful.
  • Provide wireless motion sensors so lights can be dimmed and/or turned off when not needed.
  • Provide wireless daylight sensors so lights can be dimmed by fixture when ambient light augments LED fixture output.

Enhanced Wireless Controls

In addition to Basic Wireless Controls, Enhanced Wireless Controls bring more functionality, control, and benefits from a Web-Based Browser Interface including:

  • Dashboard access from PC, Tablet or Phone
  • Timeclock/Calendar Scheduling
  • Streamlined Commissioning and Re-Commissioning

Advanced Functionality

Advanced Wireless Controls offers the ultimate level of information, control, and benefits including:

  • Environmental Quality Control
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors
  • CO2, Carbon Monoxide, & Nitrogen Sensors
  • HVAC Setback Relays, Single and Multi-Channel
  • Rain, Earthquake, Water, Moisture, and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Sensor

Energy Savings

  • Current Sensors
  • Power Measurement

Safety and Operational Control

  • Human Traffic Sensors
  • Magnetic Sensors
  • Vibration Sensors
  • Line Voltage Monitor and Status Control Transmitter
  • Glass Breaking Sensor
  • Asset Tracking
  • Video Surveillance

Wireless LED Controls

Comprehensive Easyfit LED controls portfolio with EnOcean radio standard for North America (902 MHz)

Self-powered sensors and switches, combined with LED fixture controllers and a commissioning tool, permit easy configuration, intelligent local control, and seamless integration into building automation systems.

The wireless LED controls portfolio is ideal for both, new buildings and retrofits. They can be easily introduced into intelligent building technology: in residential buildings, all you need to do is connect a transmitter to a receiver – and you're done. This basic installation can be easily combined with existing systems and extended at will.

Innovative Facilities Solutions stays ahead of the industry with cutting-edge technology solutions that save you money!

Call us today for more information about adding a new wireless control system to your offices, manufacturing, warehousing, food processing facilities or parking lots. 314.221.8511. Check back soon and we’ll have a case study posted!