Press Release in the St Louis Post Dispatch

The Powerhouse typically saves customers 15% on energy bills. The alliance makes sense for both companies as their goals are parallel. Impact client’s energy cost, while being good stewards of the environment.

The Powerhouse has an ROI of 12-24 months at most facilities. Part of the technology revolves around increasing voltage and maintaining that voltage under the heaviest loads. The Powerhouse prevents sags, blips, spikes and surges that can kill equipment.

Innovative Facilities Solutions will now be conducting facility energy efficiency testing, by monitoring six critical criteria at the main distribution center of a facility, free of charge. The data can be viewed live during testing and is a part of the analysis for “sizing” a facility for a custom-made Powerhouse. Tom and his crew offer this service for all clients.

Ed Adkisson and Tom Ries look forward to impacting facilities across The Midwest with The Powerhouse.