Case Study #215 – Warehouse
World Wide Technology – Edwardsville, IL

Energy Savings $114,864/yr.

Project: LED Retrofit of T-5

IFS was contracted to design and install a LED lighting system that would offer substantial energy savings while reducing escalating maintenance expenses due to the age of the existing fixtures.  Utilizing Linmore Labs ULTRA PERFORMANCE HIGH-BAYS, IFS was able to reduce the overall fixture count from 797 to 488.  The fixtures were outfitted with EnOcean Self-Powered Wireless Switches and Controls for even more energy savings and flexibility.

AMEREN IL Energy Efficient Incentive was utilized to help pay for the project and greatly improved the payback period to about 3 yrs.

The Results:

    • Energy Savings : 64%
    • Yearly Savings: $114,864
    • Payback Period : 3 years
    • Pre-Tax ROI : 33%
    • Displaced Energy: 883,843 kWh
    • kW Demand Saved: 82

Environmental Impact:
Removed from our atmosphere

    • 1,325,765 lbs of Carbon Dioxide
    • 2,209,608 gms of Sulfur Dioxide,
    • 5,126,291 gms of Nitrogen Oxides

Equivalent of planting 162 acres of trees.