Case Study – Manufacturing
Hydra Sponge

Energy Savings $20,339/yr.

Project: LED Retrofit of 8ft.  T-12

Innovative Facilities Solutions was hired to specify a LED lighting system that would offer good savings while maintaining the light levels. Utilizing their existing lighting layout, Innovative Facilities Solutions recommended the patent pending Linmore LED Labs UNIVERSAL RETROFITSYSTEM.Thissystemhasgreatly enhanced the look of this facility!

Ameren Missouri Energy Efficient Incentive was utilized to help pay for the project!

The Results:

    • CO2 Removed: 350,378 lbs per year
    • Yearly Savings: $20,339 yearly
    • Light Level Increase: 60%
    • DisplacedEnergy: 220,026kWh
    • kWDemandSaved: 66.93

Location: Washington,MO

ProductsUsed: LinmoreLEDLabs-Systems


Before Retrofit


After Retrofit