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  • Major Brands – St. Louis, MO

    Major Brands – St. Louis, MO

    MAJOR BRANDS(offices/warehouse)- Major Brands converting to #LED from #Linmore LED and #Orion! Increase light levels-lower electrical consumption. #IFS…

  • Maui Jim Sunglasses

    Maui Jim Sunglasses

    “The lighting retrofit completed by Innovative Facility Solutions at our hangar facility was a great success. All aspects of...

  • SRC Electrical

    SRC Electrical

    SRC Electrical, Springfield, MO Annual Energy Savings: Energy Savings $5,505 Displaced Energy 68,808 kWh Displaced Capacity 22.94 Light Level...

  • Nudo Products

    Nudo Products

    “This lighting project has been a big win for Nudo Products. It has not only improved the overall brightness...