Announcing the Innovative Facilities Solutions EXTENDED WARRANTY – 10 YR PRODUCT & 5 YR LABOR!!!

Innovative Facilities Solutions offers the best warranty in the business. We give you peace of mind that the investment you are making in LEDs is really going to give you the maintenance-free results you expect from a top-quality lighting system. Many LED manufacturers are making wild claims about how long their fixtures are going to last, but no one backs up those claims more than Innovative Facilities Solutions.

Our Extended Warranty provides our customers a 5-year labor warranty for LED light systems that are protected with a surge suppression system and a 3-year labor warranty on fluorescent lighting systems with surge suppression. If a system carries a 10-year manufacturers product warranty, Innovative Facilities Solutions covers labor/parts costs for 5 years. After that 5 year time frame, Innovative Facilities Solutions covers parts costs but labor is be the responsibility of the end user. LEAVE THE LIGHTING ISSUES TO US FOR THE NEXT 5 YEARS!

Our Standard Warranty will cover any parts and labor for light fixtures for 90 days after project completion. Manufacturers warranties will be honored for the term of coverage. Example, if a fixture fails any time during the term of the warranty, Innovative Facilities Solutions will have the fixture replaced or components replaced. Under the standard warranty, the labor to install fixture or components will be the responsibility of the end user after the 90-day time frame.

See your Innovative Facilities Solutions sales representative for more details.