Water Conditioning


Zeta Rod Systems improve water & energy conservation, optimize performance of industrial fluids, reduce chemical usage, and eliminate scale and biological fouling in water systems.

Zeta Rod patented capacitor-based technology electronically disperses bacteria and mineral colloids in water systems, eliminating biofouling and preventing scale and corrosion without the use of additive chemicals.

Colloids in water systems become components of the capacitor and receive a strong boost to their natural surface charge, altering double-layer conditions that govern particle interaction.

As a result, bacteria are unable to attach, absorb nutrition, or replicate into colonies.  Existing biofilm hydrates excessively, looses bonding strength and disperses.  Biofilm, bio-corrosion, and scale formation are arrested.



Client Testimonials

  • “We are very pleased with the performance and savings provided by our new lighting system.”
    Dan Behlmann, OwnerBehlmann GMC
  • “The lighting retrofit completed by Innovative Facility Solutions at our hangar facility was a great success. All aspects of the project were taken care of in a professional and efficient manner. The results speak for themselves.”
    Mark Smith, International Facility ManagerMaui Jim Inc.
  • “Innovative Facilities Solutions, ORION, the EPAct Certification and Ameren Illinois all came together to surpass our expectations. For us to enjoy a return on our investment of UNDER 9 months, for a project this size was astounding.”
    Larry Nalley, Sr. Electrical EngineerMagnesium Elektron North America, Inc.