Power Condition / Surge Suppression

Introducing PowerHouse

A patented product invented by Jerry Johnson. The PowerHouse is UL approved and has a proven track record of certified energy savings, as it boosts, balances and stabilizes voltage. Over 1000 locations have experienced the benefits provided by The PowerHouse over the past 7 years.

What to Expect

  • Lower power bills, typically 20%
  • Increase equipment life
  • Reduce peak demand
  • Lower maintenance expense
  • Capture and use lost voltage
  • Balance voltage across all phases
  • Provide surge protection

How Does it Work?

  • Captures lost voltage, stores it, and feeds it back into the electrical system
  • How? The Black Hawk Powerhouse adds a series of capacitors (“stored charge”)
  • Greatly reduces low voltage issues
  • Elevates voltage of entire system
  • Stabilizes voltage of the complete system
  • Reduces voltage drops when demand increases
  • Reduces tripped breakers (as a result of low voltage or power spikes)
  • Lowers kilowatt hours

7 Years of Scrutinized Testing

The PowerHouse works as designed: Hospitals, Government Buildings, Manufacturing Plants, Schools, Churches, Car Washes, Restaurants and 
Hotels, just to name a few.

Due Diligence


Lowers power bills by about 20%, while HVAC, Lighting and all Equipment performs as it was designed at the proper voltage levels, which reduces maintenance costs and enhances the life cycle of equipment and saves REAL DOLLARS!

Power House

Power House

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