Alternative Energy Generation

Innovative Facilities Solutions can help determine whether or not wind energy is a good, green solution for energy generation for your business.

Solar systems are another good alternative for energy generation. Both grid support and off-the-grid solar systems and lighting are offered by Innovative Facilities Solutions.

Client Testimonials

  • “The lighting retrofit completed by Innovative Facility Solutions at our hangar facility was a great success. All aspects of the project were taken care of in a professional and efficient manner. The results speak for themselves.”
    Mark Smith, International Facility ManagerMaui Jim Inc.
  • “Innovative Facilities Solutions, ORION, the EPAct Certification and Ameren Illinois all came together to surpass our expectations. For us to enjoy a return on our investment of UNDER 9 months, for a project this size was astounding.”
    Larry Nalley, Sr. Electrical EngineerMagnesium Elektron North America, Inc.
  • “We are very pleased with the performance and savings provided by our new lighting system.”
    Dan Behlmann, OwnerBehlmann GMC