Parking Lots and Garages

The majority of parking lots and garages still utilize outdated HID fixtures that are expensive to operate and require frequent maintenance. By retro-fitting these fixtures to T5 fluorescent or LED you will enjoy tremendous energy savings and also have the option of incorporating motion sensors and ambient light controls for even greater savings.

Parking garages are one of the largest users of lighting energy in a commercial property. They usually incorporate 175 watt or larger HID fixtures that burn 24/7, 365 days per year. LEDs provide better light at a fraction of the cost and will pay for themselves quickly. The addition of motion sensors creates even more savings with a quicker payback. As an example, when the garage is quiet, the lights can be running at 20% until motion is detected. Once motion detected, the fixtures go instantly to 100% and stay at that level on for a programmed period of time.

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