Save 30-60% on your annual energy costs.

Innovative Facilities Solutions is a leader in the installation of efficient and cost-effective energy management systems for factories, warehouses, indoor sports facilities, retail stores, offices, schools, auto dealers, hotels and more. Companies all across America, from Fortune 500 giants to small Main Street businesses, are aggressively pursuing the financial benefits of smart energy management.

Our integrated technology is guaranteed to improve efficiency.

No one can match our totally integrated system for reliable, long-term guaranteed cost savings. The technology and the financial benefits are risk-free. Our long-term solutions to energy efficiency set us apart from most other companies. Our turnkey approach includes a single point-of-contact and a financing option where customers essentially pay for services and products directly from energy savings, with little or no cash investment. Innovative Facilities Solutions offers the ultimate win-win for energy management.

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Innovative Facilities Solutions is proud to be a certified distribution and implementation partner for Linmore LED.  Take a look and learn more about Linmore!